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Dear Lexington Supporters and Friends,

Your membership at Lexington in 2017 is more important than ever! We need your support to navigate the ever-changing environment for funding and regulations in New York State. Your contributions allow us to continue working with men, women and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities as they achieve success in life goals, employment opportunities, family relationships and independence.

This year, we aim to grow our membership roster to more than 7,500. This significant increase would give us the strength to represent and advocate on behalf of the individuals and families we support. Our representation on the NYSARC Board of Governors is proportional to the number of members we have, so the more members we have, the more influence we have on matters that affect our individuals and the better equipped we are to protect and provide for them.

Many wonderful things have happened at Lexington in the past year. The people we support are living normal lives and having relationships, friendships and opportunities just like you and me.  Since the closing of our workshop, where people worked in a safe environment, we have expanded our employment opportunities into local businesses so that more and more people have the opportunity to explore jobs in the community. People are choosing independence and moving into community-based apartments with our assistance.

The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts brings together the community and the men and women we support through music, fine arts and community events open to everyone. All of this happens through your memberships. Even buying the basic individual membership makes a statement that you are behind our efforts and want to help make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

This year, with the continued addition of state mandates such as the minimum wage, our Self-Advocates have taken a leading role in advocating at the state and local level. They have made numerous trips to Albany and to legislators’ offices to advocate for increased funding and fair pay for our direct care staff. We are very proud of their efforts and will continue to encourage them as they use their voices to secure services and programs.

So many good things are happening at Lexington! We ask for your help to make 2017 even better. Anyone over the age of 18 can join Lexington for as little as $5 per first member in the household and $3 per additional member. This could be the most important membership you, your family and your friends will ever have. Your support will leave us stronger and more equipped to continue offering opportunities to everyone in the Lexington family.  

Please become a member of Lexington today!

Sandra Maceyka & Wally Hart
Membership Co-Chairs